Versandinfo / Shipping info

1. Where do we Ship?

We ship to all countries of the European Union and the United Kingdom.



Shippings of animals to the US and Canada are possible over an exporter, who is specialized in exports of animals.


Please write me an E-Mail.

2. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the items you bought.


1. Standard Costs: 

  • Germany: 6,20 €
  •  Other EU-Countries & UK: 15,99€


2. Shipping for breeding boxes:

  • Germany: 7,80 €
  •  Other EU-Countries & UK: 17,10€


3. Shipping for stickers:


  • Germany: 1,40 €
  •  Other EU-Countries & UK: 1,90€


You do not have to buy any heatpacks or any extra insulation.

We include them for free if they are needed.

3. Corona Information

We're still shipping to you

Due to the corona virus, however, there are currently more delays in delivery by DHL.

Accordingly, the following conditions apply temporarily:


1. Orders with animals

- Shipments will only be sent from Monday to Wednesday to avoid further delays because of the weekend.


2. Orders without animals

- Are shipped as usual on the same or next business day.