Care Sheet Porcellio alticola

Care sheet Porcellio alticola

The extremophiles among the isopods!



These medium-sized animals are quite tough, as they live in a rather hostile environment.


General Information

Origin: South of France, Pic du Carnigou mountain peaks in the Pyrenees

Size: 1.2 to 1.4 cm

Humidity: dry

Quelle: INPN, Porcellio alticola, Vandel, 1915
Quelle: INPN, Porcellio alticola, Vandel, 1915

The animals live in a very sparse, dry area in the Pyrenees. There they occur at 2784m. 


They primary hide under stone slabs, which are heated by the sun and are therefore warmer than the cool environment. There you can often find many animals on a very small area.


Under one stone you can usually find several colour forms. These look like that:


The animals are very robust in terms of low temperatures and drought.

Even in an almost completely dried out habitat, they can survive.

Care and Breeding

I keep my animals on a mixture of sand, clay and forest humus. 


Even if in natural habitat rather less to find I still put white rotten wood and moss in the box. Moreover leaves and cuttlebone should not be missing.


As with my other isopods I use primarily black alder leaves, which you can also get here in the shop.

This is eaten very fast by the animals. It is clearly preferred to other types of leafs, such as oak or beech leaves. But I also put some other local leaves in the box.


Furthermore the species is fed with fish flakes and our Algae Snack Pellets.





The species reproduces frequently, but rather slowly compared to other species of the genus Porcellio.


We should be able to offer you offspring from about February 2020.

What do you think about the species? Let me know in the comments below.

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