Aktueller tierbestand

Den Artnamen siehst du, wenn du ein Bild anklickst.

You can see the species name, when you click on a photo.


Kein Bild/ No photo:

- P. expansus orange

- P. scaber Koi

- P. scaber Orange

- P. spinipennis

-P. laevis "Krk Island"

P. laevis Milkback


Kein Bild/No photo:

- A. spec. Sicily

- A. simoni




Andere Gattung

Coming soon

- Cubaris spec. White Tiger

- Merulanella spec.

- Venezillo spec.

- Lepidoniscus minimus

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Comments: 2
  • #1

    Diana Hovestad (Friday, 14 February 2020 21:39)

    Hello, i have a question. Do you have the prices of the following species?
    P ornatus high yellow
    A maculatum yellow
    A gestroi.
    I already have the maculatum zebra. Is the care from the above the same as the zebra's?
    I hope to here from you,


  • #2

    Asselultras (Friday, 14 February 2020 23:07)

    Hey Diana,
    The care of all the zebras is the same. They are all the same species, just different morphs.

    If you want to know the prices you can check up our Store section here on this site. Currently we only have the P. ornatus for sale. I can check the A. gestroi for you.

    If you want further Information please write me direct over the Live Chat on this website or via E-Mail (office@asselultras.de) or over our Facebook page (Asselultras).

    Greetings from Lena :)